Sunday, November 1, 2009

Liturgical Dance is on the Move in New England!

God is moving so fast, my calendar can hardly catch up with Him! There have been so many Liturgical Dance and Worship Arts events that it's hard to take part in everything.... and that's just in New England, not to speak of nation-wide or across the globe! GPDA did have the pleasure of ministering in dance at the First Annual Liturgical Dance Workshop in Newport(Oct 23-24) which consisted of a wonderful multi-arts Worship Service Friday night, and an all day workshop with one of the pioneers of the Liturgical Dance movement in this part of the country, Min. Kathleen Turner. Since I served as "amateur photographer" for GPDA, and dance minister, I was not able to get any pictures of our ministry on Friday night. But please enjoy the slide show below-- it gives a few glimpses of the blessings we received as audience and workshop participants.
"Set Free To Dance!" on PhotoPeach

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