Monday, September 6, 2010

As Seasons Change.....

.... Hopefully, so do I. Hopefully, I am never too old to be changed and transformed, by the submission of my will and the power of God's mercy. Hopefully none of us is ever too old and settled, or young and resistant to Learn Life's Lessons:
In reflecting on one of the poorest yet amazing summers of my 51 years of living, I thought I'd share 11 Lessons Learned: [apply them as you like :-)]

LESSON #1: God is my Source

LESSON #2: Invest in good soil when you have much; so that you will reap good crops when you have little. (My eldest daughter, and our trip to China!- July 2010)

LESSON #3: Food tastes better when shared. (Feast of In-gathering and Harvest, with my soil sistahs!-Aug 2010))

LESSON #4: God is my Source!

LESSON #5: When someone you know is in a serious crisis and you don't know what to do, do what you know! (cook a meal, hand-deliver a good DVD, stop by...)

LESSON #6: God really does NOT always come when you want Him, but He's right on time!
(Sorry, tele-evangelist, who said we shouldn't confess this. It's my testimony!)

LESSON #7: Americans really can be a uh... stupid --- globally speaking. (btw, I am American, so don't be offended)

LESSON #8: Don't expect to be in God's Army without going through Boot Camp! (PURIFY Worship Conf, July- 2010!)

LESSON #9: When the wind blows, the branches at the top are the first to move. If you wanna feel His Wave, you gotta start climbing! (WOPPDLC- TX- Aug 2010)

LESSON #10: I Peter 2:17 "Honor ALL people, Love the brethren, Fear God, and honor the king." When we got married, I referred to my husband as my king. Ok. Lesson Learned.

LESSON # 11: Did I mention?-- GOD IS MY SOURCE!!


  1. I've learned many of these lesson's from you simply by watching you as I've grown up, but thank you for articulating it so beautifully. I love you and I am SOOO blessed and SOOO proud to have you for my MOM!!!

  2. I'm just seeing this now right before I go to bed. What a blessing to end my day with!