Monday, May 25, 2009

"Whatsoever Ye Doest for the Least of These..."

His name was Demetrius.
When I held his little body in my arms, it was like holding "unconditional acceptance," packaged in brown velvet. And when he kissed me on the cheek, it was me who felt like "the least of these." But most would look upon Demetrius, his 5 year old body stricken with cerebral palsy, and think of him as a member of that noble population of which Jesus spoke. "The least of these"-- The ones we overlook, or shun, or think less of because of their age, circumstances or condition--The population that receive more attention because of their disability, than because of their ability. I danced my heart out at a fundraiser for Demetrius because of his disability. But he melted my heart because of his Ability. I danced to "Jesus is Love" by Lionel Ritchie. (Yes, Lionel Ritchie! It was when he was with the Commodores.) I wanted to assure the hundreds of people present of Jesus' love for this precious little boy and his family, and that this love is "power," and "joy," and "healing"..... After the presentation, I asked his mom if I could hold him. When he laid his head on my shoulder, and kissed my cheek, it was I who felt that blessed assurance. Yes, Demetrius, Jesus loves me/ this I know/ For He used YOU/ to tell me so.
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