Thursday, July 2, 2009

GDC III - Uniting the Body of Christ through Dance!

Spirit-led liturgical dance leaders across the country are sensing that it's time to unify and evangelize, in order to glorify the Lord! Rev. Eyesha Marable and others are sensing the call from God to bring together the seven or eight different national and regional dance organizations to "join forces," as it were, for the purposes of edifying one another and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing and honor it is to share a small part in this world-wide vision, through the faithful continuation of the Annual Gospel Dance Concert, in "lil ol" Rhode Island! For going on 3 years, over a dozen churches in the New England area have taken part in this collaborative concert of Christian dance ministries.
If you are in the area SUNDAY, AUGUST 9th, please come and celebrate God's Word in Dance with us! If you are an anointed, Spirit-led dancer, there still may be time for you to take part. For questions or information, you may comment on this site or, for a more immediate response, email
Come Join in the Dance!

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