Friday, April 30, 2010


A Celebration of DANCE, WORSHIP and THE ARTS!!

This past March, RI hosted its first National Liturgical Dance Seminar Worshop, entitled: "UNIFY and PURIFY".

"United in Faith 2010," a collaboration of local churches that celebrate the arts speaks of their mission in the title: TO UNITE in the FAITH.

One of the first focuses of the Christian Dance Fellowship's Intercessory Prayer Assembly is UNITY among the national and international leaders.

And what was Jesus' last prayer for all believers, but that We WOULD BE ONE!, i.e. Unify!

I think the message for the times we're living in is crystal clear. But how can we manifest this cry for unity! There are many ways of course, but I encourage you who are sensitive to the shifting of the wind-- to the move of the Spirit in certain dispensations-- to seriously consider attending the PURIFY WORSHIP CONFERENCE,July 28 -Aug 1, a national conference of 1000+ attendees, hosted by Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York. It will feature internationally known Dance and Worship Arts ministers, such as Freddie Moore, Dr. Pamela Hardy, Apostle Elizabeth Hairston, and Rev. Eyesha Marable, as well as Gospel Music celebrities, such as Marvin Winans, Jacqueline McCullough, and Donnie McClurkin! As a matter of fact, dance ministries from all over the country have been practicing Donnie McClurkin's "We Are One" song, in preparation for ministering that message in dance as a mass dance ensemble, several hundred strong! For more information, visit, or contact the facilitators through the emails posted in SAVE THE DATES!
This is not an event you're going to want to hear about later! Don't deprive yourself from this historic gathering and Worship Experience. Dive in the Waters and purify.... and unify... with us!