Monday, May 31, 2010

Just One of Many Characters

One of the best greetings was said to me by a Messianic Rabbi named Peter. He said how wonderful it was to meet another character in this beautiful story. And what a story it is:
It started with Judy, one of my GPDA dancers, who visited Rabbi Peter's Messianic Congregation.
No, it didn't. It started with meeting a Haitian missionary couple at a Convocation Service where I ministered in dance.
No it didn't. It actually started over a dozen years ago, when Davida Cotman-El entered my life. God Placed Ambassador Davida in my life as a dance ministry mentor, and the "Samuel" over God's calling in my life. Over the next 12 years, she would pop up at appointed moments in my life with a specific Divine purpose.
One of those times was after the historic earthquake in Haiti this past January. As a dance minister, NLDN Chapter Chair and leader of my own dance team, I kept sensing that God would have us do something in dance ministry to help Haiti in a tangible way. Using the Annual Gospel Dance Concert as a major fundraising event seemed the most practical way, but I wanted our donation to be personal and specific, not just a general donation to one of the 100's of "Help Haiti" campaigns out there. I had no connections to applicable organizations in Haiti, and as we had outgrown the church site for the previous Annual Gospel Dance Concerts, I didn't even have a location for GDC IV. Nevertheless, God had a plan. Out of the blue, Davida emailed me a video of a rabbi leading a prophetic and spirit-filled service for about 1000 Haitians. It was stirring and powerful, and at the end of the footage, the video showed a plot of land where this rabbi's congregation was investing in an orphanage building project. Davida did not know what was on my mind. She just sent me this video because it was so powerful and moving. But of course I wondered, is this where the funding from the concert should go? Before I could finish my inquiry of the Lord, Davida sent me another email telling me that she felt I should connect with some missionaries to Haiti that she knew personally. They had been in Haiti for several years but happened to be home for the next several months, so I could reach them. Within a few days I called them. Before the man could finish saying, "Oh yes, let me get my wife,Barbara," I realized that I already knew them! They were the missionary couple I had met at a convocation service I had ministered at earlier that year! We talked and talked and marvelled at God's awesome orchestration. Later, I realized, that was just the beginning!
My dance team member, Judy, had spoken so highly of this messianic congregation she had visited that I decided I just had to go. It was called Mishkahn D'avid and was out in the "boonies" of RI. When I finally found the location,I spent the next several hours praising, and dancing, and worshipping.... and within an hour of my arrival I almost fell out in amazement, as Travis and Barbara, the missionary couple I had just finished talking to a couple of days earlier, walked into the synogogue! This "typical" African American couple from RI, were not only missionaries in Haiti, they were members of Mishkahn D'avid Congregation!! And that Rabbi who had brought such a powerful prophecy and moving praise celebration to that congregation of 1000 Haitians? That was Peter, the Rabbi of Mishkahn D'avid!He had met the Fishers a couple of years ago and had felt compelled to honor and support their missionary work in Haiti ever since. And who was I? Just one of the many amazing characters in the midst of a beautifully unfolding story, written by the Hand of God!
This year, GDC IV = GIVING DANCE CONCERT will be donating 80% of the proceeds to the continued missionary work of Travis and Barbara Fisher, specifically, the building a new orphanage. I have sat in the Fisher's living room and looked at scores of pictures of their orphans, the orphanage facility, their school, the makeshift medical clinic. There is nothing fancy about what they do-- it is a sincere and humble labor of love by anointed servants of the Living God. They are not supported by any major corporations or foundations. They are supported by God's people. This years' Gospel Dance Concert will be honored to be part of that blessing to these faithful missionaries, their beautiful Haitian children, and all those they serve!
If you are not able to attend the GIVING DANCE CONCERT, June 27th, but would still like to donate to the Mishkahn D'avid Haiti Orphanage Project, please visit and click the DONATE button (on the "About Us" page), by or before June 27th. If you would like more information about The Fisher's missionary work in Haiti, they welcome your calls at 401.831-7256.
If you are in the area, we hope to see you at this amazing and anointed concert of Dance unto the Lord!